The turmoil surrounding the ISU men’s basketball program certainly hasn’t subsided, but I’m going to do my best to ignore that drama until next Fall at the earliest. I will always maintain that Iowa State is a basketball school, which is why I believe fans are so extremely passionate on both sides of the McDermott debate. But Spring has sprung and it’s time to move on to football.

Coach Rhoads and his crew gave us plenty to celebrate in year one.  Year two presents a whole new set of challenges, especially when it comes to the schedule, which is the toughest in the conference.  With several top 25 teams on the docket, there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for an upset or two.  The question on everyone’s mind is can the Cyclones find a way to once again become bowl eligible?  Given the schedule, it is very possible that the Cyclones could be an improved team over a year ago and end up with a lesser record.  We shall see.

Instead of getting deep into the pre-Fall analysis at this point in the Spring, I thought I’d simply whet your appetite a bit with some exciting football videos.  We’ll dig into the schedule and 2-deeps a bit further down the road.  Enjoy.

What are you waiting for?  Buy some tickets!

2009 Offensive Plays of the Year

2009 Defensive Plays of the Year

You can never see this one enough!

Insight Bowl celebration

Highlight/Entrance Video



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