I wanted to pass some news along to those of you who subscribe to my blog (and there’s more of you than I ever thought there would be).  You may be seeing less material from me here, but not because we’re entering the long layoff between the college basketball and college football seasons.  Instead, I will be contributing occasional pieces to, an opportunity that I’m very excited about.

While this material will be exclusive to CF and will not be posted here, I will not be completely abandoning Eye of the Storm.  There will likely be things that I will want to discuss here that may not be the type of material that Chris Williams (CF Publisher) is looking for on his site.  And, quite frankly, some of the pieces that I submit may not make the cut.  In that case, I will probably post them here.

I’m pumped to have an opportunity to contribute to a site that has such a large following of Cyclone fans.  As I understand it, my pieces will be posted to the front page, which is the case with my first contribution, “Opportunity Knocks.”  (Believe it or not, I wrote this and sent it off to Chris last night.  You’ll understand why that is ironic once you read the piece.)

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with  If you aren’t, check out the site after you jump over to read my latest piece.



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