About Me

Let this serve as my introduction to the non-exclusive world of sports blogging.  To say that I’m a “lifelong” Iowa State fan would be somewhat misleading as I needed a few years to allow for some cognitive development.  But I was raised in a Cyclone household, and have bled nothing but cardinal and gold for as long as I can remember.  I’m also a proud graduate of our beloved university.

I didn’t start this blog because I believe my opinions are any more important than the next guy.  I simply enjoy conversing and writing about my Cyclones, and this blog gives me my own personal outlet.  Some might say that my passion for Iowa State athletics borders on the “unhealthy”, but that’s why they call us fans (fanatics).  I won’t apologize.  I’ve come to the realization that the Cyclones are my hobby- or at least my primary hobby.

A little more background on myself:  I’m approaching 30 years of age in my early 30s, so my “Cyclone experience” may not be as well-rounded as some.  In fact, some old-timers might [wrongly] assume that I’m a spoiled fan.  After all, my time at Iowa State (1999-2003) corresponded with some of the highest of highs in both football and men’s basketball.  However, I would argue that my routine attendance at Jack Trice Stadium during much of the Walden era gave me a grounded and realistic perspective from the start.

Overall, I probably lean slightly towards the optimistic side.  I tend to give coaches and players the benefit of the doubt.  That said, I plan to call it like I see it with this blog.  This doesn’t mean you’ll see it the same way, but I plan to avoid any conscious effort to manage perception.  What you will read will be my honest opinion.

So, with that, I say ‘hello’ and GO CYCLONES!



2 responses to “About Me

  1. Matt Schaefer

    Just came across your blog but have been reading your posts on Rivals for some time…Enjoy the insight. I too and a crazed Cyclone fan…for better or worse…I live in Austin, let me know if you are coming down for the UT game and I can give you directions to the ISU tailgate, prepartys etc…
    Until next Saturday…Go Cyclones.

    Matt Schaefer
    Graduate May 2000

  2. Ed

    I always wondered if a member of FRY family had the monogram ANF and that Hayden put them on the helmet, but justified it as a practical joke, by coming up with the justification of the slogan using the same letters. Hayden was a great psychology expert and fairly crafty.

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